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[53][54], On Christmas Day 1046, Clement was consecrated, and Henry and Agnes crowned emperor and empress. He was convicted and lost the duchy of Upper Lorraine and his fief of the county of Verdun. HRE Charles VI's 6-Great Grandfather. Insufficient supplies forced him to return and the Hungarians attacked and beat his army at Vienna. [34] Egilbert of Freising started negotiations with Stephen I of Hungary on Henry's behalf. The Investiture Controversy was largely the result of his church politics, though his popemaking gave the Roman diocese to the reform party. 13 grudnia 1797 (inna data: 1799) w Düsseldorfie Zm. Notable ancestors includeCharlemagne (747-814), Alfred the Great (849-899). Henry fell ill at Tribur in October, as Henry of Bavaria and Otto of Swabia already chose Otto's nephew and successor in the Count palatine, Henry I of Lorraine as successor. Henry III was married twice and had at least eight children: Henry with the symbols of rulership attending the consecration of the, Conflicts in Lorraine and pacification in Hungary, Preparing Italy and Germany for his death, Beatrice I, Princess-Abbess of Quedlinburg, Adelaide II, Princess-Abbess of Quedlinburg, Gothelo I, Duke of Upper and Lower Lorraine, "Kaiser Heinrich III. (* 28. H… Louis Count of Montbéliard, challenged and defeated Reginald I, Count of Burgundy. von Salm (c1132-1200) and Jutta and died 1246 of unspecified causes. na język Polski. Był zadowolony i podekscytowany nową pracą. He fell ill on the way and took to bed. When Henry arrived, Reginald and Gerold Count of Geneva paid homage and Burgundy was subsequently incorporated into the empire.[51]. On 1 August 1034, Conrad II officially incorporated the Kingdom of Burgundy into the Holy Roman Empire at a ceremony held in the Cathedral of Geneva. Heading an army he entered Thuringia where he met Eckard II, Margrave of Meissen, whose advice and counsel he sought with regard to the recent successes of Duke Bretislaus I of Bohemia in Poland.[43]. At Capua, Henry was received by Prince Guaimar IV of Salerno and Capua. [23] Bruno accompanied Henry to Rome where they attended Conrad's imperial coronation on Easter 1027. On their return trip along the Adriatic Coast Gunhilda died from an epidemic that apparently had also caused the death of Herman IV of Swabia near Naples. However, Henry returned Capua to the twice-deprived Prince Pandulf IV, a highly unpopular choice. He transferred his last personal duchy to Welf duke of Carinthia, made his Italian chancellor Hunfried Bishop of Ravenna appointed several other chairs, installed Guido in Piacenza, his chaplain Theodoric in Verdun, the provost Herman of Speyer in Strasbourg and his German chancellor Theodoric in Constance. [31] Constantine VIII's successor, Emperor Romanos III Argyros, proposed the hand of one of his sisters to Henry, but Conrad's envoy, Count Manegold of Donauwörth, refused the offer since she was already married. Genealogy for Henry "the Fat" of Northeim (von Northeim) (c.1055 - 1101) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. By Easter, Henry had arrived in Mantua. He was the last of Henry's four German popes. During the preparations of the jaunt to Hungary where Henry had intended to spend Pentecost with King Peter, a wooden floor collapsed in a residence where Bruno, Bishop of Würzburg was killed. 207 were here. Oktober 1056 in Bodfeld, Harz) aus der Familie der Salier war von 1039 bis zu seinem Tod 1056 König und seit 1046 Kaiser im römisch-deutschen Reich. W styczniu 1935 roku Wilhelm Canaris zasiadł przy skromnym biurku. For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for, Note: preferences and languages are saved separately in https mode. [44], Upon his return to Germany, Henry assigned the offices that had been left vacant. Henry left for the French border near Ivois, in order to meet King Henry I of France, most likely to discuss the impending marriage to the princess of Aquitaine. [14] A year later, before departing for his first Italian campaign, Conrad charged Bruno, Bishop of Augsburg, with Henry's guardianship. Henry made peace with the new king of Hungary, Andrew I, and moved into the Netherlands. His ally, Aribert of Milan, had recently died and the Milanese citizens had chosen Guido to succeed him. Rejestracja/Logowanie Dostawa . Heinrich IV (11. november 1050 – 7. august 1106) oli Franki ehk Saali dünastiasse kuuluv Saksa-Rooma keiser ning Heinrich VIII nime all ka Baieri hertsog.. Heinrich oli Saksa-Rooma keisri (1039–1056) Heinrich III ja Poitou Agnese (c. 1025–1077) poeg. Henry met the pope at Florence and arrested Beatrice for marrying a traitor, and her daughter Matilda, later to be such an enemy of Henry's son. 7 października 1900 w Monachium, zm. Henry bestowed the lower duchy to Frederick, Duke of Lower Lorraine and appointed Adalbert archbishop of Bremen. He bestowed it on William, count of Orlamünde.[52]. Whatever the case, it all came to naught, and Cuno died of plague, and Welf soon following him to the grave. She resided at the court of her stepfather, Geoffrey Martel, Count of Anjou. [30] Conrad sent another embassy to Constantinople. In Rome, the three popes Benedict IX, Sylvester III, and Gregory VI contested the pontifical honours. Henry summoned the senior princes of the empire and departed to Italy. He freed Beatrice and Matilda and had those with him swear allegiance to the young Henry, whom he commended the pope, present. Heinrich Lõvi (saksa keeles Heinrich der Löwe; 1129 – 6. august 1195) oli Welfi dünastiast saksa ülik, Baieri (vastavalt Heinrich III (1154–1195) ja Saksimaa hertsog Heinrich XII (1142–1195) nime all). He married Jutta von Brandenburg (c1301-1353) 1317 JL . Got this over the last couple of days. The Catholic Encyclopedia, "Ordnungskonfigurationen im Konflikt Das Beispiel Kaiser Heinrichs III", Frederick I, Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Henry_III,_Holy_Roman_Emperor&oldid=1003851780, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia articles with BIBSYS identifiers, Wikipedia articles with PLWABN identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Srpskohrvatski / српскохрватски, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Azela, mother of bishop Johannes of Speyer, This page was last edited on 31 January 2021, at 00:31. In two large-scale military summer campaigns in 1033 and 1034, Conrad defeated his rival Odo II, Count of Blois. Henry next returned to Hungary and forced Aba to recognize the Danubian territories, a former donation of Stephen I of Hungary, pro causa amicitiae (for friendship's sake). [18] The German aristocrats who assembled at Kamba to elect his successor proclaimed Conrad of Worms king on 4 September. Salian denar, Heinrich III. Shortly before leaving for Italy, he endowed the church with a magnificently illustrated gospel book, called the Codex Aureus Escorialensis, also known as the Speyer Gospel. In the Low Countries he received homage of Gothelo I, Duke of Upper and Lower Lorraine and in Cologne, he was joined by Herman II, Archbishop of Cologne, who accompanied him and his mother to Saxony, where he established the town of Goslar as a future imperial residence. Ancestors are fromFrance, Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium. [43], In 1040, Peter of Hungary was overthrown by Samuel Aba and fled to Germany, where Henry welcomed him despite former enmities. He set out on 13 August and was soon ambushed in the passes of the Bohemian Forest and forced to retreat with heavy losses at the Battle at Brůdek. Zapoznaj się z przykładami tłumaczeń 'Heinrich III.' However, Henry considered the ducal fief to be a royal office and insisted on his prerogative when he appointed dignitaries at his discretion. Dirk of Holland was defeated and killed. Henry gathered an army and went north, where he gave Adalbert of Bremen Godfrey's former lands and oversaw the trial by combat of Thietmar, the brother of Bernard II, Duke of Saxony, accused of plotting to kill the king. Joined by the pope he ventured to southern Italy and reverted most of his fathers policies.[52]. [19] Conrad's opponent formed a coalition that included his stepson, Ernest II, Duke of Swabia. He engaged Samuel Aba's sizeable army. Henry III, called Henry the Illustrious (Heinrich der Erlauchte) (c. 1215 – 15 February 1288) from the House of Wettin was Margrave of Meissen and last Margrave of Lusatia (as Henry IV) from 1221 until his death; from 1242 also Landgrave of Thuringia Life. In July, Godfrey surrendered and was imprisoned at Giebichenstein. After the release of a large number of Bohemian hostages, including Bretislavs' son, did Henry procure the release of his prisoners and peace was established. Denar of Duisburg. Find a Grave, database and images (https://www.findagrave.com: accessed ), memorial page for Heinrich III (28 Oct 1017–5 Oct 1056), Find a Grave Memorial no. Henry's final appointment of this long spate was a successor to Adalbert in Lorraine. The Italian circuit was completed when he arrived at Verona in May 1047. In April 1044, Gothelo duke of Lower and Upper Lorraine died. Henry implemented regular Imperial administration in Hungary.[43]. His troops fled the battlefield over a range of hills still called "Vértes" ("Armoured") because discarded armour has been found there for centuries. Heinrich II. The margrave Adalbert of Austria, however, successfully resisted the depredations of Cuno and the raids of the king of Hungary. The pope had died in the meantime and Henry chose Poppo of Brixen to succeed him, who adopted the name Damasus II. [59] His heart was transferred to Goslar and his body to Speyer, to rest next to his father's in the family vault of the cathedral of Speyer. Graf von Volmerstein . 0 Produkt Produkty Koszyk pusty. [21] Ernest asked his mother, Gisela to mediate a reconciliation and she convinced the eight-year-old Henry also to intervene on Ernest's behalf in early 1026. Jako pozbawione źródeł mogą zostać zakwestionowane i usunięte. In Bohemia only a delegation that offered hostages appeased Henry and he disbanded his army and continued his tour. Henry appointed his confessor, Anno, as Herman's successor. [15] Conrad was illiterate, but Gisela was solicitous to their son's education and Henry learnt to read. Ur. Godfrey, ostensibly the reason for the visit, was not well received by the people and returned to Flanders. He becomes suspicious of them, assuming they will cause more harm to him. III. This border remained in place between Hungary and Austria until 1920. [44][47], In 1043 Henry married the daughter of duke William V of Aquitaine and duchess Agnes of Burgundy, Agnes of Poitou,. Mieszko I , Czesław Miłosz , Maria Skłodowska-Curie , Karol Wojtyła , Bronisław Komorowski , Marek Minakowski Gisela, Henry's mother, died in March 1043. His authority as king in Burgundy, Germany, and Italy was only rarely questioned, his power over the church was at the root of what the reformers he sponsored later fought against in his son, and his achievement in binding to the empire her tributaries was clear. [47], On 6 July 1044 Henry, accompanied by Peter Orseolo, entered Hungary at the head of a rather moderate force. A member of the Salian Dynasty, he was the eldest son of Emperor Conrad II of Germany and Gisela of Swabia. [33] Bavaria made raids into Hungary and provoked a Hungarian counter-attack. [14] Gisela, who was descended from Charlemagne, had a strong claim both to Swabia and to Burgundy. A staunch ally against Cuno in Bavaria, Gebhard of Regensburg, was implicated in a plot against the king along with Cuno and Welf of Carinthia. This day is to be remembered as the "Day of Indulgence" or "Day of Pardon". Would you like to suggest this photo as the cover photo for this article? Spitignev did homage and Bohemia remained securely, loyally, and happily within the Imperial fold. The marriage, however took place anyway and Agnes was crowned queen at Mainz. Heinrich III. In return for inducing Liutpert, Bishop of Cambrai, to give John the castle, John would lead Henry through Flanders. Charlecote Park 2017 032.jpg 5,184 × 3,456; 15.3 MB 246 (1988)", "Spes imperii – Heinrichs III. [36] Henry accepted the terms and signed the peace treaty during a meeting with Stephen I in Hungary in early 1031. He married Judith de Lorraine (c1171-1245) before1189 JL . [28], At Conrad's initiative, the "clergy and the people" elected Henry his co-ruler and Pilgrim, Archbishop of Cologne crowned Henry king in Aachen on Easter 1028. Check out their videos, sign up to chat, and join their community. 17 lutego 1856 w Paryżu Najważniejsze dzieła: Księga pieśni (1827), Z dziejów religii i filozofii w Niemczech, Atta Troll (1842), Baśń zimowa (1843), Obrazy z podróży. Herrschaftspraxis und Reichsintegration", "The early history of the house of Savoy (1000-1233)", Kampers, Franz. 17 lutego 1856 w Paryżu) – niemiecki poeta żydowskiego pochodzenia, przedstawiciel romantyzmu, jeden z najwybitniejszych niemieckich liryków, prozaik, publicysta. Media in category "Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor" The following 5 files are in this category, out of 5 total. In 1038, Henry was called to aid his father in Italy. seine widersprüchliche Beurteilung und deren Gründe, in Historische Zeitschrift No. [50] The emperor reacted promptly and summoned Godfrey to Aachen. He is ambitious, striving to become popular in school and hoping to become class president when young and mayor eventually. Heinrich III. The Hollanders sacked Charlemagne's palace at Nijmegen and burnt Verdun. Heinrich III. Heinrich VIII. Henry then moved to Lower Lorraine, where Gothelo II had just died and Dirk IV of Holland had seized Flushing. [4] The emperor's death the following year ended a remarkably smooth and harmonious transition process towards Henry's sovereign rule, that was rather uncharacteristic for the Ottonian and Salian monarchs. He did likewise to Ranulf Drengot, the count of Aversa, who had been a vassal of Guaimar as Prince of Capua. Notable ancestors includeCharlemagne (747-814), Alfred the Great (849-899), William I of England (1027-1087), Hugh … Urige kleine Bitburger Kneipe mit netten Gästen. Henry spent Christmas 1041 at Strasbourg, received emissaries from the Duchy of Burgundy, where he travelled at new year and settled administrative and judicial matters. In 1052, Henry undertook a fourth campaign against Hungary, and besieged Pressburg without success, as the Hungarians sank his supply ships on the Danube river. In Zurich, the heir to the throne, Henry IV, was engaged to Bertha of Turin of the House of Savoy. Offizielle Raucherkneipe, keine Speisen, Einlass ab 18 Jahren. Bretislaus nevertheless remained loyal to the end. Henry III (28 October 1016 – 5 October 1056), called the Black or the Pious, was Holy Roman Emperor from 1046 until his death in 1056. Finally, the war had ended in the Low Countries and Lorraine.[57]. Henry fled at night from this meeting. [42] Henry's consensus with Aribert was an attempt to solve the old interior imperial conflict with Conrad. At Ulm, Henry convened a diet and received acknowledgement from the present Italian princes. Henry attempted to reconcile the brothers at Nijmegen but failed. The young Frederick of Tuscany, son of Beatrice, refused to come to Florence and died within days. The association with this boisterous vassal of the king of France and her consanguinity with Henry (both are descendants of Henry the Fowler) stirred up some consternation among many clerics, who opposed their union. Aba fled to his eastern estates, as Henry installed a cousin as steward, who was however quickly removed after the emperor had left. Once in Germany again, Godfrey made his final peace, and Henry went to the northeast to deal with a Slav uprising after the death of William of Meissen. [34] Conrad assembled Bavarian, Lorrainian and Bohemian troops and invaded Hungary on June 1030. Henry could thus direct his attention elsewhere than rebellions for once. Nevertheless, his reign is often pronounced a failure in that he apparently left problems far beyond the capacities of his successors to handle. Born: 1440 Died: 1483. (Przekierowano z Heinrich III von Hohenlohe) Ten artykuł od 2010-11 wymaga zweryfikowania podanych informacji. Give good old Wikipedia a great new look: Cover photo is available under {{::mainImage.info.license.name || 'Unknown'}} license. The former abandoned his allies and was imprisoned by the emperor again. After he had sent a wedding delegation to Agnes de Poitou he set out in September 1042 and successfully subdued the western territories of Hungary. He returned to Goslar, the city where his son had been born and which he had raised to imperial and ecclesiastic grandeur with his palace and church reforms. Bretislav was now deprived of his former ally, upon which Henry prepared another campaign into Bohemia. Henry gave Upper Lorraine to one Adalbert and left. Henry promoted Speyer far more than his father Conrad. [44], Henry lead his first military campaign as sovereign in 1040 into Bohemia, where Bretislav I posed a threat, who intended to establish a separate archbishopric. First, however, he gave his old hostage, Spitignev, the son of Bretislaus to the Bohemians as duke. Henry was unable to continue his campaign and in fact never tried again. Henry had been one of the most powerful of the Holy Roman Emperors. In the duchies Henry enforced sovereign royal right of disposition, thereby ensuring tighter control. When Heinrich Von Wassenberg III was born in 1033, in Wassenberg, Heinsberg, Rhineland, Prussia, Germany, his father, Gerhard II von Wassenberg Graf von Wassenberg, was 23 and his mother, Bertha de Bar-le-Duc (d'Alsae), was 18. At Cologne, Henry summoned the royal princes, who unanimously declared war on Hungary. After Christmas at his chosen imperial residence Goslar, he received foreign guests. Christian Johann Heinrich Heine, właśc.Harry Chaim Heine (ur.13 grudnia 1797 w Düsseldorfie, zm. [1][2][3], Henry was raised by his father, who made him Duke of Bavaria in 1026, appointed him co-ruler in 1028 and bestowed him with the duchy of Swabia and the Kingdom of Burgundy ten years later in 1038. Henry did send a Swabian army to assist Leo in Italy, but he recalled it quickly. Heinrich III (Landgrave) von HESSEN (zu Marburg) `the Rich'; Landgrave of Upper HESSE. {{::mainImage.info.license.name || 'Unknown'}}, Festigung der Dynastie und Sicherung der Nachfolge, {{current.info.license.usageTerms || current.info.license.name || current.info.license.detected || 'Unknown'}}, Uploaded by: {{current.info.uploadUser}} on {{current.info.uploadDate | date:'mediumDate'}}. Henry's reign was clearly changing in character: old foes were dead or dying and old friends as well.[52]. heinrich_iii streams live on Twitch! In 1046 Henry ended the papal schism, was crowned Emperor by Pope Clement II, freed the Vatican from dependence on the Roman nobility and laid the foundation for its empire-wide authority. Heinrich (1977) - informacje o filmie w bazie Filmweb.pl. Godfrey was now allied with Baldwin of Flanders, his son (the margrave of Antwerp), Dirk of Holland, and Herman, Count of Hainaut. Sprawdź tłumaczenia 'Heinrich III.' Henry inaugurated his reign with a tour through his domains. After he had taken a number of castles, lack of supplies forced him to leave. HM George I's 5-Great Grandfather. Henry settled political issues with the Lombard magnates at Augsburg. Godfrey was released and given Lower Lorraine, to safeguard the unstable peace attained two years before. Discord among the Magyar forces prevented cohesive manoeuvres and their troops quickly dispersed upon Henry's onslaught. [35] Egilbert agreed to cede lands along the frontier to the Hungarians in return for the release of their prisoners. Henry gave Bavaria to one Cuno and, at Ulm in January 1048, Swabia to Otto of Schweinfurt, called the White. [25] Ignoring the claim of Emeric, the son of King Stephen I of Hungary, to Bavaria, Conrad persuaded the Bavarian aristocrats to acknowledge Henry as their duke in Regensburg on 24 July 1027. "Henry III." Genealogy for Heinrich Flamens von Wassenberg (c.1033 - 1075) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. von Henneberg-Schleusingen (c1272-1340) and Adelheid von Hessen (c1272-1315) and died 10 September 1347 of unspecified causes. He transferred Silesia from Bretislav to Casimir. For this, he appointed Gerard of Chatenoy, a relative of Adalbert and Henry himself. Heinrich III on olnud mitme valitseja nimi: . w zdaniach, posłuchaj wymowy i przejrzyj gramatykę. [4] Henry succeeded Conrad II as Duke of Carinthia and King of Italy and continued to pursue his father's political course on the basis of virtus et probitas (courage and honesty), which led to an unprecedented sacral exaltation of the kingship. Heinrich III is a member of Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Historians refer since to the period of the "Christomimetic royalty". Henry retreated hastily, avoided all grand arrayal and concluded the defeat. [22], Conrad designated Henry as his heir in Augsburg in February 1027. Amerikafahrt des Prinzen Heinrich. von Volmerstein, deceased after 1217 Married to; N N Spouses, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Heinrich Enzio «III» von Reuss zu Köstritz (ID: sw.216371) Koligacja (szukanie pokrewieństwa) z: najkrótsza linia przodkowie n.p. Henry III died aged only 39. Baldwin of Flanders and Godfrey were at it again, besieging Antwerp, and they were defeated again. [38], Upon Rudolph III of Burgundy's death Conrad II claimed the title to the Burgundian succession and marched his army to Burgundy during the winter of 1032/1033. The French king, not renowned for his tactical or strategic prowess, but admirable for his personal valour on the field, had a heated debate with the German king and challenged him to single combat. Herman of Cologne died. In Hungary, Peter presented Henry with the Golden Lance and pledged an oath of fealty among his nobles. At Székesfehérvár Peter regained his fief as King of Hungary. von Henneberg-Schleusingen was born circa1288 to Berthold VII. [60] He united all the great duchies save Saxony to himself at one point or another but gave them all away. von Desenberg Grabplatte; Henry III, 1017 - 1056, historical illustration, 19th century, Heinrich III. Leo, without assistance from Guaimar (distanced from Henry since 1047), was defeated at the Battle of Civitate on 18 June 1053 by Humphrey, Count of Apulia. [20] They took up arms against the King in the second half of 1025, but he forced most of them into submission before the end of the year. After having attended the reform sessions of a number of monasteries, Henry summoned his army at Stablo, In July he joined with contingents at Goslar and deployed his entire army at Regensburg. Born about 1209; Deceased about 1268,aged about 59 years old Parents. Robert Guiscard, his younger brother; and Prince Richard I of Capua. In Rome he held a synod, declared all Roman priests unfit for office and as Adalbert of Bremen refused the honour, Henry appointed Suidger of Bamberg, who was acclaimed by the people and clergy. [39], Henry and Gunhilda of Denmark, the daughter of Emma of Normandy and Canute the Great, King of Denmark, England and Norway, were engaged on 18 May 1035. Genealogy profile for Heinrich III von Wassenberg. The crown of Hungary was bestowed on Peter in perpetuity and the kingdoms of Germany and Hungary were at peace. Henry sent another army to assist Leo in the Mezzogiorno against the Normans he himself had confirmed in their conquests as his vassal. Henry marched to Verona and Pavia, where he held court and dispensed justice. (1017 - 1056) aus der Familie der Salier, römisch-deutscher König und Kaiser, Herzog von Bayern und Schwaben, historische Zeichnung aus dem 19. He is afraid of both supervillains and superheroes, especially after the Thundermans caused him to miss school and fracture his leg. PM Churchill's 13-Great Grandfather. Bretislav, who had regained Silesia in a short war, died in 1054. At Cologne, the pope excommunicated Godfrey and Baldwin. [38] On the same occasion Conrad declared war on the Liutizi, a pagan Slavic tribe[40] and deposed his brother-in-law, Adalbero, Duke of Carinthia. [13] Conrad may have fathered a son before his marriage to Gisela, because a royal charter referred to his sons in 1024, but its reliability is dubious. Andrew of Hungary almost made peace, but Cuno convinced him otherwise. [43], Henry was at Metz in July 1047 when a latent insurrection rose in rebellion. He had at least 4 sons and 1 daughter with Adelheld De Guelders. +VGO.DVCKS Well-Known Member. At Flushing, he was defeated by Dirk. Henry's most enduring papal selection was Bruno of Toul, who took office as Leo IX, under whom the Church would be divided between East and West. She was solemnly buried in Speyer. Modern historians, however, identify the final years of his reign as the beginning of a crisis in the Salian monarchy. Autor: Heinrich Heine. Wywindowany został ze stosunkowo podrzędnego stanowiska komandora w Świnoujściu i umieszczony w samym centrum działalności państwa pod rządami Hi In early 1045, Henry entered Lorraine at the head of an army, besieged and conquered Godfrey's castle of Böckelheim (near Kreuznach). Część lub nawet wszystkie informacje w artykule mogą być nieprawdziwe. Another sphere of defiance formed in southern Germany from 1052 to 1055. His most enduring and concrete monument may be the impressive palace (kaiserpfalz) at Goslar.[46]. Heinrich III is a member of Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Heinrich Himmler, czyli drugi człowiek po Hitlerze, chociaż wielu historyków uważa, że to tak naprawdę on był głównym myślicielem III Rzeszy, to on stworzył Nazizm i to on był najważniejszym kreatorem planów, które realizował Hitler.

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